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Scared? Stuck? Hey Fear, Back Off—I’ve Got Options and a Process!

Something I learned from my therapist not long ago is that when I have a clear sense of alternatives, of options, that not only do I immediately feel less stuck, saner, but I can also then be moved into action.  That is, I perceive that not only do alternatives and options exist in life in [...]

When Worthlessness Strikes: Stepping Over That Familiar Rabbit Hole


As you grow, and gain joy in your healing and growing-up-in-adulthood process, it’s just as important to embrace dark moments in your growth as it is to bounce and leap into the joy-filled ones.  The expression two steps forward and one step back is diminished by its age and use, but is a remarkably wise expression.  [...]

Resentment is Poisonus

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I just came across this quote while searching for quotes on babies’ temper tantrums. I immediately thought of all of us: RESENTMENT IS LIKE TAKING POISON AND WAITING FOR THE OTHER PERSON TO DIE. –Malachy McCourt I laughed out loud upon reading that.  How true it is.  How absurd resentment is. Resentment has everything to do [...]

Self-Sabotage: 5 Tips for Breaking Free!

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Let’s skip the ‘signs of self-sabotage’ list, because you know what the signs of self-sabotage are.  Your gut tells you, every time.  You know the frustrated, disappointed feeling that comes when you didn’t do something the way you could have, or didn’t do something you’d planned to do.  It all comes down to the fact [...]

Staying Put after a Lifetime of Abandonment and Grand Exits

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First you're abandoned, then you live with an urge to flee.  I have spent my entire life anxiously ready for things to fall apart.  My shoulders are never completely without tension, same for my eyes in their sockets.  There's always the potential for a need to leave. I have spent my entire life ready to [...]