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2 Secret Self-Esteem Tools for Tackling Your Self-Hate (Part 1)

I’m re-reading a remarkable, practical self-help book, Self-Esteem, which is in its third edition and subtitled, A proven program of cognitive techniques for assessing, improving & maintaining your self-esteem. Between them, the authors, Matthew McKay and Patrick Fanning have written many, many other self-help guides as well.  The first time I read Self-Esteem, and then [...]

Snap the Worthlessness Trap: You Are Talented & Worth Your Life (Despite What Your Childhood Suggested!)

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Of course we’re angry. We have been loyal to people who ignored us. Loyal and loving and protective of those for whom we were secondary. We lived on the periphery of their focus. As babies, when our cries didn’t work, we shut up and smiled through our needs, our pain. As children, when our sad [...]

Caroline Casey on Who Am I and What do I Really, Really Want to Do with My Life?

Caroline Casey is one of my true heroes. Enjoy -

The Practice of Taking Care of Yourself & Making Changes (Part 4 of the GWNI ‘Raise Yourself Up!’ series)

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Folks, this is where the rubber meets the road. Your rubber-soled shoes.  Your road! In this post I’m focusing on Practice #3, the practice of taking care of yourself and making changes.  Just like Practice #1 and Practice #2, this one is meant to be integrated with the others—particularly the practice of therapeutic work.  In [...]

The Practice of Therapeutic Work (Part 3 of the GWNI ‘Raise Yourself Up’ Series)

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In this post I’m focusing on Practice #2, the practice of doing therapeutic work. This practice is meant to be integrated with the other steps—ahem, like, started right along with Practice #1 (not after anything is ‘perfected’ ). The Four Practices to Raise Yourself Up #1 The Practice of Learning Who You Are & What [...]