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Workbook Sneak Peek #2! “If Only…” Activity

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* * Download PDF from workbook-in-progress HERE:  Sneak Peek 2 “If Only…” Activity Continuing to work on my self-healing workbook, The Kind Self-Healing Workbook!  Sneak Peek #2 contains an actual tool that you can put to use.  This activity packs a punch (or I’d like to think it does) and is geared towards helping you stop for [...]

What Adult Children of Alcoholics Need to Know about Authority Figure Issues (or the Problem with the First 3 Steps of The 12 Steps of ACoA)

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Is the source of our authority figure issues in conflict with an ability to adapt 12 Step methods? Is the fact of a childhood during which parental/authority figures failed us in conflict with being able to put the first three steps to good use? Are those steps negotiable, nor non-negotiable? What’s at stake, in me, if [...]

Listen In! Getting Out from Under Approval-Seeking

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Sunday morning. 7 a.m. Fog. And yet:  joy comes. Susan and I have a real conversation here and engage in some productive soul-scraping for y’all.  Today we talked about approval seeking, which was a means for survival as children in dysfunctional families, but gets in our way in our grown-up lives. Is agreeing with others [...]

Listen in! I was a guest on Blog Talk Radio @ 9 am Pacific/11 Central/12 Eastern 4/15/12

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Replay is up: Listen to internet radio with Susanks on Blog Talk Radio LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE: Blog Talk Radio Sunday April 15, 2012 -ae

2 Secret Self-Esteem Tools for Tackling Your Self-Hate (Part 2)

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Tool #2 – Don’t Believe What You Think This is part two on Self-Esteem and my post from last week, inspired by an important book ($12) – Self-Esteem: A Proven Program of Cognitive Techniques for Assessing, Improving, and Maintaining Your Self-Esteem The first tool from the book that I shared in last week’s Part 1 [...]