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Book – Making a Change For Good, A Guide to Compassionate Self-Discipline by Cheri Huber

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I’ve been borrowing books from my local library lately.  (I make good use of their online database, reserving books from across their member branches, which the librarians kindly set aside for quick pick-up - an email comes when the book is ready.  The only thing that could make it even easier would be a drive-thru window!  But then I wouldn’t [...]

Anti-Intuitive, I Know: If You Breathe in Pain You Can Diffuse It and Make Way For Hope

The pain of others, that is. Who would want to breathe in, inhale, suck up the pain, illness, and damage that’s in others? Eww. That was the train of thought that started, reactively, in my mind as I read a really interesting (and life-enhancing) article, “Love & Emptiness,” in the magazine Shambhala Sun. (The January [...]

How to Start taking Charge of Anxiety & What Iffing Yourself into a Cold Sweaty Mind Freeze

Here’s a question that a reader just asked me, which I’m answering in a post for everyone:  “What recommendations do you have as far as a daily routine, therapy, or books to make the fear of losing control less prominent?”  Her question was related to this post about the fear of losing control. While this [...]

The Practice of Therapeutic Work (Part 3 of the GWNI ‘Raise Yourself Up’ Series)

Young woman-sportswoman

In this post I’m focusing on Practice #2, the practice of doing therapeutic work. This practice is meant to be integrated with the other steps—ahem, like, started right along with Practice #1 (not after anything is ‘perfected’ ). The Four Practices to Raise Yourself Up #1 The Practice of Learning Who You Are & What [...]

Anxious? You? Succumb to the Inner Smile


You can't worry and smile at the same time.  Try it.  First, smile.  Now, think of one of the typical worrysome or anxiety-provoking thoughts that messes with your self-esteem and sense of everything being all right.  For me, today, it's, "What was I thinking when I signed my toddler up for swimming lessons–I should have known his nap time [...]