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Watch…and Listen! ‘The Faults of Others’ Video and Radio Show

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Sunday October 7th – This morning on our Blog Talk Radio show, Susan and I talked about the tendency to forget to focus on our own work and, rather, habitually focus on the issues and faults of others. Oops. This was show #6 in our series of thirteen shows on empowering solutions for the trauma [...]

Listen In! In Conversation on BlogTalkRadio (Are You Worth A Comfy Couch?)

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As promised – a photo of THE COUCH. Soft as a rose petal. Last Sunday I joined Susan of Empowering Solutions again to talk about problems and solutions for children of trauma, and told the story of purchasing my couch. Somehow, in all the apartments and towns in which I’ve lived, this is the first [...]

Your Inner Prostitute: Selling Out to Survive vs. Self-Respect

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I’m not calling you whores, per se. Tee hee. We all think ‘sex-for-money’ when we hear the word prostitution. Forget that. That’s not my focus here. I’m talking about archetypes, an ancient and universal concept of what it means to prostitute one’s self. Wha…?  A Couple Definitions To Prostitute:  To sell parts of one’s Self [...]

2 Secret Self-Esteem Tools for Tackling Your Self-Hate (Part 1)

I’m re-reading a remarkable, practical self-help book, Self-Esteem, which is in its third edition and subtitled, A proven program of cognitive techniques for assessing, improving & maintaining your self-esteem. Between them, the authors, Matthew McKay and Patrick Fanning have written many, many other self-help guides as well.  The first time I read Self-Esteem, and then [...]

Do You Have A Roomy Pot and Fertilizer (A Nurturing Environment in Which You Can Grow)?

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I’ve been witness to two lessons from nature over the past several months. Both out in my garden and inside my house: One: Given a roomy pot and some fertilizer a near-dead plant will flourish. Two: A good pruning can re-focus a plant’s energy and allow it to flower. We grow when the environment is [...]