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Waiting to Be Seen for Who You Really Are?

Waiting to be seen for who you really are blog post

Sharing the newest post on my new blog, The Kind Self-Healing Project. The process of becoming aware of what we’re actually thinking takes practice. Yet there are great rewards. The value in catching our thoughts is the gateway to becoming self-aware. Anyone who is on a journey of personal growth must become self-aware; it’s an [...]

Collaboration as Healing – Writing The Kind Self-Healing Book

by Marla Pedersen of

Since jumping into writing The Kind Self-Healing Book two years ago, I’ve noticed that things moved forward at certain points with significant energy and power when I reached out to others for their help. While I had to write the book on my own, while that was the only way to write this book, I [...]

The Stinking Wound – Compassion for Our Wounds, and Theirs

The wounds of others are distasteful to us. We recoil from the lame, the weak, the crazy. But what happens when we lean in, touch, and gaze upon the wounds? Healing happens. It happens for the wounded, and it happens for the witness of the wound as well. We fear that we’ll absorb and take [...]

Inspiration for Life’s Tough Moments! (A Mini-Poster for You)

Inspirational Mini Poster JPG for GWNI Readers

Whoo hoo!  I got creative, and made this little inspirational mini-poster.  I’ve been wanting to create a hand-out for everyone, something that could provide handy, much-needed inspirational fuel in one spot. Get your FEEL-GOOD inspirational mini poster here. Download it, print it, share it, email to your friends!  My wee mini-poster contains: Inspirational quotes A [...]

In the Kitchen of Holiday Joy


There are two truths that I have long struggled to square at this time of year. One is the child-like anticipation and joy that wells up in me during the holidays. The other is the devastation I feel about the kind of family in which I was raised. For many years, I approached the holidays [...]