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How Do You Cope?

Executive fights mental health ups and downs

The New York Times ran a video series last year, “Lives Restored,” portraits of survivors of mental health battles and their coping strategies. They produced a few videos that featured the people struggling and talking about how they cope. I hope you’ll watch at least one of these short (too short) videos. I especially like [...]

Depressed or Just Deficient in Vitamin D?

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Think of sun.  Warm and bright.  Now think of darkness.  Cold and sightless.  Which do you associate most with happiness?  Which would you associate most with depression? Cold and dark don’t exactly inspire a good mood.  The same goes for a family that loves unconditionally (warm, open, loving and feels like basking in sunlight) versus [...]

What’s an Adult Child Doing Depressed this Fall?

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Oops.  I missed Anti-Depression Month, which was October.  Happy belated Anti-Depression Month!  (Which should really be called Pro-Joy Month!) Was it because I’m feeling out of touch, dull, tired, going to bed early but not staying asleep after 5 a.m., but wanting to sleep, sleep, sleep, out of it, distracted, indecisive….that is, that I’m chronically depressed?  According to [...]

When Worthlessness Strikes: Stepping Over That Familiar Rabbit Hole


As you grow, and gain joy in your healing and growing-up-in-adulthood process, it’s just as important to embrace dark moments in your growth as it is to bounce and leap into the joy-filled ones.  The expression two steps forward and one step back is diminished by its age and use, but is a remarkably wise expression.  [...]