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How to Start taking Charge of Anxiety & What Iffing Yourself into a Cold Sweaty Mind Freeze

Here’s a question that a reader just asked me, which I’m answering in a post for everyone:  “What recommendations do you have as far as a daily routine, therapy, or books to make the fear of losing control less prominent?”  Her question was related to this post about the fear of losing control. While this [...]

Chaotic Upbringings and the Fear of Losing Control

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There are control freaks, and then there are control freaks.  You probably didn't know that you had control issues until you began to take stock of who you really are, your behaviors and motivations, and/or began therapy–because you'd assumed that control freaks were that highly-recognizable type person who is…well, the annoying, uptight, nosey person who always has to be right, [...]

Flower Essences & Anxiety: Spray-on Courage?


A few months ago, I went with my fiance to a herbal healing shop called Rosemary's Garden up in Sebastopol, Ca. He'd done some reading about herbs that can be helpful for foot and joint pain (such as arnica, which lessened my pelvic bone pain post-childbirth), and Rosemary's Garden turns out to be a local mecca for [...]

Just When You Think, “I’m Cool,” You’re Actually Still Grasping for CONTROL

What does it look like when you’re at peace, and not behaving like someone obsessed with control? You don’t plan out conversations; you go with the flow when plans change because you are your own center-home, you say what you really think no matter what impression it may give others of you, you ask others for help because you don’t need to give off the impression of complete self-sufficiency, you can enjoy a movie even if you’re not sitting in the ‘perfect’ front-and-center seat; you apologize easily, you tell the truth, and you let others express their opinions freely, and you let them have the last word.

What Would Normalina Do?

As I was driving home I wondered, “Should I have turned around and gone home once I realized I was going to be late?” (Subtext: is that what a “normal” person would have done?”) And, “Should I have just stayed home, period, and made the decision the night before rather than dragging it out?”