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SUNDAY SOLUTIONS RADIO SHOW On Sunday Solutions with Susan Kingsley-Smith we dish on the deep stuff and discuss self-improvement ideas, tips and solutions.   ** The series has wrapped.  You can listen to the complete series of shows below. ** DRAMA & CHAOS AS “NORMAL” Sunday November 4th 7 a.m. Pacific/10 a.m. Eastern (Click the >Play [...]

Stress? Anxiety? Had A Bad Day? Give Yourself a Thumbs Up!


Well, five thumbs up, actually. An article in this month’s Common Ground explains how thinking five positive thoughts can turn-around a foul mood. The focus of the article is on language — words. How words like, “No,” “poverty,” “illness,” and “death” trigger the release of dozens of stress-producing hormones and neurotransmitters inside our bodies. Yikes, [...]

Listen in! Today’s radio show: “Trouble Asking for What You Want?”

Ear buds #2

Sunday October 21st – This morning on our Blog Talk Radio show, Susan and I talked about the guilt feelings that can come up when asking for our needs to be met. We discuss what’s behind that and why it’s such a challenging passage to navigate. This show is part of our series of thirteen [...]

The Answer Resides In Your Gut, Not Your Brainy-Brain

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How often do you over-think things? Making an exit? Opportunities? Big decisions?  Small decisions?  Or just…buying a simple chocolate-chip cookie? Here’s how it goes down:  A thought comes – “Mmm, oh, it would be nice to eat a cookie. A warm, chocolate-chip cookie.” Simple.  Unless you put a “simple” thought like that through the mind of an [...]

Scared? Stuck? Hey Fear, Back Off—I’ve Got Options and a Process!

Something I learned from my therapist not long ago is that when I have a clear sense of alternatives, of options, that not only do I immediately feel less stuck, saner, but I can also then be moved into action.  That is, I perceive that not only do alternatives and options exist in life in [...]