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New Book – “The Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness”

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Written by Sherrie M. Vavrichek (LCSW-C), this new book is “The Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness,” and I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is a book for anyone who avoids speaking up for their needs. This wonderful book goes well beyond explanations of how to articulate needs and teaches a Buddhist-inspired approach that can improve both [...]

Your Inner Prostitute: Selling Out to Survive vs. Self-Respect

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I’m not calling you whores, per se. Tee hee. We all think ‘sex-for-money’ when we hear the word prostitution. Forget that. That’s not my focus here. I’m talking about archetypes, an ancient and universal concept of what it means to prostitute one’s self. Wha…?  A Couple Definitions To Prostitute:  To sell parts of one’s Self [...]

Your Radar’s Not Broken, You Know When Someone’s Bad for You

We feel so broken sometimes.  So put upon.  So tired.  Must we always have to re-do, do-over, re-jigger, and work so, so hard to have a normal, right, life? Depends on how you look at it. The un-chosen, poorly-tuned, oblivious life isn’t very rewarding, so in that sense the oh-so-hard work is worth it.  And, [...]

Getting Good at Ending Conversations and Asking People to Go (Without Lying!)

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Ever had trouble saying goodbye, ending a conversation, leaving, or getting people out of your house?  Have you ever noticed that at some point during a conversation or visit that you’re ready for it to end but that you can’t seem to make it end? As if you’re…a prisoner of the conversation?  That has happened [...]

How to Break Free from a Parent’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Part Four in a Four-Part Series)

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This is the final post in a four-part series by One Angry Daughter, who shares her experience and resources for Adult Children of Narcissists on her blog, One Angry Daughter Still Striving for Acceptance My journey has come full circle when it comes to acceptance.  In the beginning I was still a child seeking the [...]