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Watch: GWNI Video! ‘Guess How to End Conversations’

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If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by a conversation that you didn’t want to have and didn’t know how to end, not without suffering feelings of guilt and possibly abandonment, then watch this 10-minute video. The video contains a just-bumped-into-you conversation as well as my discussion with Tim G about the minefield that is conversations. [ [...]

Sneak Peek Video of my Upcoming Book, “The Kind Self-Healing Book”

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I have news of my book, The Kind Self-Healing Book: Raise Yourself Up with Curiosity and Compassion. The launch date for the book is coming very soon, May 2015! I wanted to give readers an update as well as a sneak peek of the insides. I have dedicated the book to you, the readers of [...]

How Did Your Dad’s Marijuana Use Affect Your Childhood?

Stefan, Andreas, and me

That was his question, Stefan ├ůsberg, correspondent for SVT. This past weekend I participated in the filming of a segment about marijuana use in the U.S. for Swedish television (the segment will air in August). How did they find me? I received an email from Alexa at who had seen my blog and wanted [...]

Reader Comment – “I deserve the love and affection of a loving spouse…”

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This comment speaks for many of us, and should be heard. The comment was made in response to my post, “Hacking the Phrase ‘They Did the Best they Could – further reading.” Even if we don’t understand the work our loved one must do, we can and must respect their journey. They, in turn, must [...]

My talk “Hacking the Phrase ‘They Did the Best They Could’” (further reading)

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So you want to learn more about the Hero’s Journey and Transactional Analysis and a couple other ideas I mentioned? Don’t worry, I’m not telling you what to do (adult children hate being directed), but just saying it’s here, if you should decide to dive deeper (wink, wink). Regarding the phrase “They Did the Best [...]