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NEW Special Offers on My Fall Workshop! “Bulletproof Holiday Boundaries” Petaluma, California 9/29 or 10/13

Announcing my Fall workshop! It’s nearly the season…the season that brims with expectations. Pass that cranberry sauce and pour some guilt gravy on your meal, the holidays are a-comin’. Are you looking forward to the holidays? Have a plan? Tickets for a flight out of the country? Or are you filled with dread? What if…it [...]

Watch GWNI Video: Guess What to Expect at Our Workshop! *Now Virtual*

MiniDV Camcorder

Judy & I recorded this video to give you a sense of what to expect during our workshops!  Our March 2012 D.C. workshop will be held virtually (a.k.a. everywhere) as a 4-part workshop, taking place on four Sundays  June through July (6/24, 7/1, 7/15 & 7/22).  Workshop Details!.

New Look! GWNI’s Make-Over

You know how there’s always that obligatory, silly-but-satisfying make-over scene in films, in which the lead character looses weight, gets in shape, new hair, make-up, and a totally new wardrobe? This is what’s just happened here, to GWNI.  Thank you – your donations helped make this happen!  I hope you like what you see here.  [...]

GWNI’s New Look! Now Where’s….Everything?

If you’ve been reading GWNI during the past few years, you might be wondering, “Where is everything?!” My five years of content is all here, it’s just now very. neatly. organized. What’s inside? Well, I’ve organized the content in a way that reflects the surviving-healing-thriving journey: The THRIVING section is about living from a place [...]

GWNI is Moving!

Readers: My blog is moving.  After seven years with TypePad, I am moving GWNI to WordPress. (WordPress allows the functionality of sub-menus, which is handy when organizing massive amounts of content…seven years of it!) What does this mean for you? Two things – One,  it’s a good idea to update your RSS feeds after the new-and-improved site is [...]