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Thoughts on Revising my Emotional History – I Don’t Wanna Be His ‘Hero’

Oh, boy, sometimes we see things we don’t want to—like a stain on my pants, one that I’d prefer not to notice till after I’ve left the house. If I notice it before leaving, my conscience won’t let me keep those pants on. I have to change, once I see the truth.  It’s a call [...]

On Forgiveness

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People sometimes refuse to forgive what someone has done because they think of forgiveness as giving in or condoning bad behavior;  that’s not it.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean saying that something was okay, just that you are at peace with what happened — forgiveness means that you’re no longer enslaved by it. Years ago, I lived [...]

A Young Man Speaks – When Dad Died, an Essay

She’d seen me at my Aunt Bondi’s funeral (another brutal alcoholic death) and how upset I was. We talked about “the elephant in the room” syndrome that seems to be so pervasive in my family. They actually wanted to get an autopsy done on my Aunt. They wanted to slice her fucking body open after watching her drink white wine with ice all day long for years since she’d switched from vodka because the doctor told her she should lay off the hard stuff just to see what killed her. I wonder.

The Other Step Four

I really appreciate Tony’s approach to Step Four. It is kind to the adult child, it acknowledges that we have inherited behaviors and character traits that we didn’t choose but are, rather, part of a long line of inherited behaviors. I agree that by examining our addict parent and identifying their faults, we can actually unearth and identify our own.

Know The Difference Between Forgiveness and Reconciliation?

I think we too often refuse to forgive those who imprisoned us because we assume that it means we have to reconcile the relationship. But, these are two very different concepts, acts, and paths.