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The Stinking Wound – Compassion for Our Wounds, and Theirs

The wounds of others are distasteful to us. We recoil from the lame, the weak, the crazy. But what happens when we lean in, touch, and gaze upon the wounds? Healing happens. It happens for the wounded, and it happens for the witness of the wound as well. We fear that we’ll absorb and take [...]

Did I Make Reconciliation Possible? …”I Did the Best I Could.”


I’ve given more thought to the reconciliation of my stepmother.  I think there is more to the story then I originally thought. I think I may have laid the groundwork that made the moment possible — without realizing it. Background: I wrote this post about my stepmother’s reconciliation with me. That one stemmed from an [...]

And I quote: “I Did My Best, and It Wasn’t Good Enough.”


Something important happened last week. I didn’t expect, after all this time, for my stepmother and I to reconcile. I didn’t expect it because it seems that if we were going to reconcile, it would’ve happened about a decade ago—at the time she divorced my father (after a 20-year marriage). The divorce, although I was [...]

Essay from the UK on the Adult-Children Inside Riots


This post was written for GWNI by a reader in the UK, his meditation on being an adult child on the periphery of angry rioting in London.    South London, all terraced houses, 24-hour newsagents, and run-down council estates all crushed in cheek by jowl, has, this week, resembled a war zone. As an Adult Child this is not a scenario I’m unfamiliar [...]

Thoughts on Revising my Emotional History – I Don’t Wanna Be His ‘Hero’

Oh, boy, sometimes we see things we don’t want to—like a stain on my pants, one that I’d prefer not to notice till after I’ve left the house. If I notice it before leaving, my conscience won’t let me keep those pants on. I have to change, once I see the truth.  It’s a call [...]