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Food Cleanse as Mystical Experience: Less Food, Greater Intuition


My 21 Day Cleanse Week before last I ended a twenty-one day gentle food cleanse. The experience was transformative, and I wanted to write about it. And while I want to share my experience and reflect on it through writing, what I don’t want to do is suggest that you should do a cleanse. If [...]

Yoga for Eating Disorders (& other New Research Studies to Benefit Mental Health)


Research projects on mental health issues take place all the time. As an armchair reader of mental health studies, I find it truly fascinating to read about the variety of studies just getting started and to find out what new therapies are being studied. It’s not just drugs being tested out (which is an easy, [...]

Depressed or Just Deficient in Vitamin D?

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Think of sun.  Warm and bright.  Now think of darkness.  Cold and sightless.  Which do you associate most with happiness?  Which would you associate most with depression? Cold and dark don’t exactly inspire a good mood.  The same goes for a family that loves unconditionally (warm, open, loving and feels like basking in sunlight) versus [...]

Sugar Addiction and the Alcoholism Link


Is Sugar the Boss of Me? While it took twenty years or so for the fact that I’m not about to become an alcoholic and to sink in, sugar has always been a monkey on my back.  I have long battled with what I’ve suspected to be a sugar addiction.  Sugar is a delightful treat, [...]

Read Before Eating: Simple Ways to Educate Yourself about Food

Eating becomes an act of love as soon as you begin to educate yourself about what you’re putting in your body. (The food manufacturers don’t care about your health like you do. They care about making a buck – your hard-earned buck.) For a meaningful book about eating and emotions, I really like Geneen Roth’s When Food is Love – but I recommend all of her books to be honest.