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Books on Narcissism – 5 Books for Breaking Free from a Narcissist (Four-Part Series)

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But, wait, there’s more to learn!  Following is former blogger One Angry Daughter’s recommended reading list to learn more about narcissistic personality disorder. These link to pages, where about a gagillion other books on the topic of narcissism await you.  (While narcissists may have a lot to say, experts have way more to say about them!) [...]

“Crafting Your Environment” sample page from The Kind Self-Healing Book

Sample activity page from The Kind Self-Healing Book.

I’m sharing this sample activity from my book. It’s part of the last section, which focuses on ways to create a nurturing environment. And these are the book’s 5 promises: Working through the book will itself be an act of healing and The Kind Self-Healing Book offers help with: • Learn the process of cultivating [...]

New Book – “The Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness”

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Written by Sherrie M. Vavrichek (LCSW-C), this new book is “The Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness,” and I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is a book for anyone who avoids speaking up for their needs. This wonderful book goes well beyond explanations of how to articulate needs and teaches a Buddhist-inspired approach that can improve both [...]

New Book! “Almost Addicted”

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Do you wonder if you just use drugs or, rather, that you abuse drugs? Has someone close to you made a comment about you use of alcohol, cocaine, painkillers, or marijuana (or commented more than once)? This book’s purpose is to help you determine whether or not you’re progressing towards full-blow addiction or not. And [...]

Book – “Almost A Psychopath”

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Hazelden just released a new book in their “Almost” series, Almost A Psychopath:  Do I (or Does Someone I Know) Have a Problem with Manipulation and Lack of Empathy? If you’ve been wanting to confirm your hunch about a relative you’ve always thought was “diagnosable,” or even arm-chair diagnosed him as “a psychopath,” then this [...]