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What do You Get When You Cross a Narcissist?

I’ve been posting more and more on my Facebook Page for GWNI and wanted to share this morning’s post: Last night I was trying to come up with a riddle about dealing with personality disorders – like, If you cross a martyr by asserting your needs, you get a crying lump of self-pity… And: If [...]

Essay from the UK on the Adult-Children Inside Riots


This post was written for GWNI by a reader in the UK, his meditation on being an adult child on the periphery of angry rioting in London.    South London, all terraced houses, 24-hour newsagents, and run-down council estates all crushed in cheek by jowl, has, this week, resembled a war zone. As an Adult Child this is not a scenario I’m unfamiliar [...]

Yes, Adult Children of Alcoholics Can Suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Heal from PTSD


Readers, you are in for a real treat. This winter I was fortunate enough to have two conversations about post traumatic stress disorder PTSD with trauma specialist Dr. Marylene Cloitre. The following article is based on our conversations. Do You Have PTSD from Childhood? Panic.  Anxiety.  Fear. Nightmares.  Insomnia.  Fuzzy-brain feeling.  Indecision.  Confusion.  Out-of-body numbness.  [...]

Caroline Casey on Who Am I and What do I Really, Really Want to Do with My Life?

Caroline Casey is one of my true heroes. Enjoy -

Family of Origin Work Kick-Start with Lisa Brookes Kift


Last week I interviewed Lisa Brookes Kift, licensed psychotherapist (MFT) and author, about Family of Origin work.  Lisa is a licensed psychotherapist (MFT), based in Marin, California, with a former career in movie production (The Toolbox at Lisa Kift Therapy). She is the author of the Therapy-at-Home Workbooks, and writer for,,,, and more. [...]