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Article: Mothering, Not Necessarily from Mom


This article from Oprah online is worth a read.

Article: You Can Learn New Tricks, Old Dog!


You CAN forge new habits, here’s how.

The Impact of A Chaotic Childhood on Your Health: The ACE Study

The ACE Study took place over a long period, ten years, and included over 17,000 participants making it the largest study of its kind both in its size and in its scope of information collected.

Article: Narcissism…You! You! You! (Part Deux)

Have a hard time letting go of hurt feelings? Do you hold onto grudges? Do you cling to your sense of being wronged for a very, very, very long time? Hours and hours? Days and days? Do you nurture it, feed it, incubate it till it has no more life, offers no more victim fuel, [...]

Statistics: Twenty Six Million Americans Feel Different from Other People


Accroding to the National Association for Children of Alcolohics: * There are an estimated 26.8 million children of alcoholics in the United States. Preliminary research suggests that over 11 million are under the age of 18; * 76 million Americans (about 43% of the adult population) have been exposed to alcoholism in the family; * [...]