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Workbook Sneak Peek #2! “If Only…” Activity

Lost and Confused Signpost

* * Download PDF from workbook-in-progress HERE:  Sneak Peek 2 “If Only…” Activity Continuing to work on my self-healing workbook, The Kind Self-Healing Workbook!  Sneak Peek #2 contains an actual tool that you can put to use.  This activity packs a punch (or I’d like to think it does) and is geared towards helping you stop for [...]

Sneak Peek! First Page from my Self-Healing Workbook


I’m working hard at my four-part self-healing workbook, Amy Eden’s Kind Self-Healing Workbook No. 1. As a way to keep myself going, I need to reach out from my quiet, isolated writing desk, and share what I’m doing. Hello, world!  When it was new and fresh, it was…new and fresh. As I work, re-work, polish, [...]

Yoga for Eating Disorders (& other New Research Studies to Benefit Mental Health)


Research projects on mental health issues take place all the time. As an armchair reader of mental health studies, I find it truly fascinating to read about the variety of studies just getting started and to find out what new therapies are being studied. It’s not just drugs being tested out (which is an easy, [...]

Inspiration for Life’s Tough Moments! (A Mini-Poster for You)

Inspirational Mini Poster JPG for GWNI Readers

Whoo hoo!  I got creative, and made this little inspirational mini-poster.  I’ve been wanting to create a hand-out for everyone, something that could provide handy, much-needed inspirational fuel in one spot. Get your FEEL-GOOD inspirational mini poster here. Download it, print it, share it, email to your friends!  My wee mini-poster contains: Inspirational quotes A [...]

Download: Woe, Worry, Mortification….a Handy List of Emotions!


WAY more feelings exist than the primary ones we learn (like primary colors – red, blue, yellow!) I mean more than those basics: mad, sad, and happy. When we get precise, we get to know ourselves better. (And can express ourselves better, too.) This list, while extensive, isn’t exhaustive. But it’s a great start. You [...]