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My Ignite Talk! Hacking the Phrase ‘They Did the Best They Could’

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This was, by far, the scariest thing I have ever done. I practiced my talk nearly twenty times. I had only 5 minutes to convey my story and the slides auto-advanced every 15 seconds (fifteen seconds!) It was scary not only because it was public speaking and it was being video taped, but because I [...]

Notes from my Fiesta Day Talk – Loneliness, 4th Chakra, and Hero’s Journey

Thank you so much for the warm, loving welcome Bernal Heights! Here are some notes from my talk yesterday on Loneliness and Raw Feeling: Definitions of Loneliness Three ways of thinking about Loneliness: Loneliness is being with and within raw feeling. Wikipedia:  ”Complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to lack of companionship or isolation.” 4th Chakra, [...]

On Beginning a New Relationship (When Your Childhood Wasn’t ‘Normal’)


[Dedicated to N.S. Thanks for asking!] Recently a reader asked me for some thoughts on beginning relationships. I said I’d reply in a post, because there have got to be others asking this same question, right?  Some of these ideas come from a chapter in a book I’m writing (exciting! exciting!) which is based on [...]

Did I Make Reconciliation Possible? …”I Did the Best I Could.”


I’ve given more thought to the reconciliation of my stepmother.  I think there is more to the story then I originally thought. I think I may have laid the groundwork that made the moment possible — without realizing it. Background: I wrote this post about my stepmother’s reconciliation with me. That one stemmed from an [...]

On Authority Figure Issues & the Problem with The First 3 Steps of The 12 Steps of ACoA

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Is the source of our authority figure issues in conflict with an ability to adapt 12 Step methods? Is the fact of a childhood during which parental/authority figures failed us in conflict with being able to put the first three steps to good use? Are those steps negotiable, nor non-negotiable? What’s at stake, in me, if [...]