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Listen up! “Circular Arguments” – Show #5 Communication Quicksand

If you were raised within a chaotic home environment, you may feel that circular arguments are such a hallmark of your communications with others that it’s actually, er, normal. It doesn’t have to be that way. How it feels to be having a circular argument: * like you’re crazy * groundhog day * no resolution [...]

Sneak Peek! Workbook Excerpt: Humbly Seeing 3 Sides to The Story

This exercise is from my workbook-in-progress, The Kind Self-Healing Workbook: Tools for Raising Yourself with Compassion & Curiosity!   Humbly Seeing 3 Sides to The Story I believe humility is a deep strength. It requires (and tests) our comfort level with believing in our worth while regarding that same worth as equal to all things. I [...]

Listen In! “Stop Creating Chaos” on Blog Talk Radio

If you were raised within a chaotic home environment, you may feel that chaos is such a part of your life that it’s actually part of your identity. CHAOS can stem from procrastination… It can stem from fragile self-esteem…. CHAOS can stem from engaging in gossip… It can stem from calling a friend to talk [...]

Notes from my Fiesta Day Talk – Loneliness, 4th Chakra, and Hero’s Journey

Thank you so much for the warm, loving welcome Bernal Heights! Here are some notes from my talk yesterday on Loneliness and Raw Feeling: Definitions of Loneliness Three ways of thinking about Loneliness: Loneliness is being with and within raw feeling. Wikipedia:  ”Complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to lack of companionship or isolation.” 4th Chakra, [...]

Listen in! New episode – Always & Never Statements

There’s A Better Way to Hear and Be Heard “You ALWAYS forget to close the garage door!” “You never listen to me!” … sound all too familiar? Sunday, Sept 22nd 2013 – This morning on our Blog Talk Radio show, Season 2 “Communication Quicksand,” Susan and I talked about always and never statements, what’s driving [...]