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The Kind Self-Healing Book campaign!

Guys! It’s happening! I’ve just launched the funding campaign for my first book, The Kind Self-Healing Book. Here’s a video all about it – please click, watch and be a part of making this a real book! Find my campaign on IndiGoGo right here, The Kind Self-Healing Book. –Thank you!  

How Did Your Dad’s Marijuana Use Affect Your Childhood?

Stefan, Andreas, and me

That was his question, Stefan Åsberg, correspondent for SVT. This past weekend I participated in the filming of a segment about marijuana use in the U.S. for Swedish television (the segment will air in August). How did they find me? I received an email from Alexa at who had seen my blog and wanted [...]

Help Raise Awareness about Almost Alcoholism (on TV!)


We are seeking individuals who have come to believe they are in the almost alcoholic zone and would consider being interviewed for a major documentary on new ways to understand and deal with drinking problems. Are you, or a friend, in your 40s or 50s and drink…regularly…but aren’t necessarily an alcoholic? Are willing to take [...]

Reader Comment – “I deserve the love and affection of a loving spouse…”

This comment speaks for many of us, and should be heard. The comment was made in response to my post, “Hacking the Phrase ‘They Did the Best they Could – further reading.” Even if we don’t understand the work our loved one must do, we can and must respect their journey. They, in turn, must [...]

What do You Get When You Cross a Narcissist?

I’ve been posting more and more on my Facebook Page for GWNI and wanted to share this morning’s post: Last night I was trying to come up with a riddle about dealing with personality disorders – like, If you cross a martyr by asserting your needs, you get a crying lump of self-pity… And: If [...]