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Waiting to Be Seen for Who You Really Are?

Waiting to be seen for who you really are blog post

Sharing the newest post on my new blog, The Kind Self-Healing Project. The process of becoming aware of what we’re actually thinking takes practice. Yet there are great rewards. The value in catching our thoughts is the gateway to becoming self-aware. Anyone who is on a journey of personal growth must become self-aware; it’s an [...]


Processed with Rookie Cam

Hero (noun): “the chief character in a story, play, or life who is greatly admired for how she overcomes obstacles.” #AHeroThrives. This story is Alyx’s story. Her essay follows our Q&A. ——————————— Who is Alexandrea Holder? Alyx is a South Florida native working toward a double Master’s degrees in Psychology and English. She finds the [...]

How Taking ‘No’ for an Answer Can Build Intimacy

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The Good Men Project just published my article on how to navigate personal boundaries – read it here, “How Taking No for an Answer Can Build Intimacy“ “There’s a difference between a ‘No’ that pushes away and a ‘No’ that shows you who someone is.” Excerpt:  For each type of relationship—those with friends, neighbors, family, [...]

Self-Care is Not Selfishness, it’s One’s Lifeblood

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You cannot indulge in too much self-care over the holidays. You don’t have to become a flickering bulb that has lost its vitality.  Keep your fuse fully charged, even if for the first time in your life. Don’t keep pushing, trying to rally, and going, going, going until you’re running ragged and awaiting one of two [...]

5 Nourishing Choices for a Drama-Free Holiday Season

Book Salad

Joyful holidays spiced and flavored to your liking are within reach! By Rayne Wolfe and Amy Eden We believe that you want to enjoy the holidays, so we’re sharing our five best tips with you in the form of a holiday menu. Above all, your mind frame will make the difference between a holiday season [...]