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Reader Comment – “I deserve the love and affection of a loving spouse…”

This comment speaks for many of us, and should be heard. The comment was made in response to my post, “Hacking the Phrase ‘They Did the Best they Could – further reading.” Even if we don’t understand the work our loved one must do, we can and must respect their journey. They, in turn, must [...]

What do You Get When You Cross a Narcissist?

I’ve been posting more and more on my Facebook Page for GWNI and wanted to share this morning’s post: Last night I was trying to come up with a riddle about dealing with personality disorders – like, If you cross a martyr by asserting your needs, you get a crying lump of self-pity… And: If [...]

The Stinking Wound – Compassion for Our Wounds, and Theirs

The wounds of others are distasteful to us. We recoil from the lame, the weak, the crazy. But what happens when we lean in, touch, and gaze upon the wounds? Healing happens. It happens for the wounded, and it happens for the witness of the wound as well. We fear that we’ll absorb and take [...]

further reading – Hacking the Phrase ‘They Did the Best They Could’

So you want to learn more about the Hero’s Journey and Transactional Analysis and a couple other ideas I mentioned? Don’t worry, I’m not telling you what to do (adult children hate being directed), but just saying it’s here, if you should decide to dive deeper (wink, wink). Regarding the phrase “They Did the Best [...]

My Ignite Talk! Hacking the Phrase ‘They Did the Best They Could’

This was, by far, the scariest thing I have ever done. I practiced my talk nearly twenty times. I had only 5 minutes to convey my story and the slides auto-advanced every 15 seconds (fifteen seconds!) It was scary not only because it was public speaking and it was being video taped, but because I [...]