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GWNI is Moving!

Readers: My blog is moving.  After seven years with TypePad, I am moving GWNI to WordPress. (WordPress allows the functionality of sub-menus, which is handy when organizing massive amounts of content…seven years of it!) What does this mean for you? Two things – One,  it’s a good idea to update your RSS feeds after the new-and-improved site is [...]

Thank YOU for the new-and-improved Guess What Normal Is! (Coming Soon!)

I want to say Thank You to readers who have donated to Guess What Normal Is this past year.  I have been able to put your donations to good use.  I will be unveiling the new-and-improved GWNI site…very, very soon!  Feel free to get a jump on things and subscribe to the GWNI e-mailing list.  (Yep, that's new, too!) Thanks to [...]

Essay from the UK on the Adult-Children Inside Riots


This post was written for GWNI by a reader in the UK, his meditation on being an adult child on the periphery of angry rioting in London.    South London, all terraced houses, 24-hour newsagents, and run-down council estates all crushed in cheek by jowl, has, this week, resembled a war zone. As an Adult Child this is not a scenario I’m unfamiliar [...]

Your Radar’s Not Broken, You Know When Someone’s Bad for You

We feel so broken sometimes.  So put upon.  So tired.  Must we always have to re-do, do-over, re-jigger, and work so, so hard to have a normal, right, life? Depends on how you look at it. The un-chosen, poorly-tuned, oblivious life isn’t very rewarding, so in that sense the oh-so-hard work is worth it.  And, [...]

Getting Good at Ending Conversations and Asking People to Go (Without Lying!)

Exit _ Goodbyes ending conversation iStock_000001229106XSmall

Ever had trouble saying goodbye, ending a conversation, leaving, or getting people out of your house?  Have you ever noticed that at some point during a conversation or visit that you’re ready for it to end but that you can’t seem to make it end? As if you’re…a prisoner of the conversation?  That has happened [...]