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I was going to start a new habit and then completely forgot. Again.


On a recent Saturday, a coaching client described something I’ve come to think of as a particular kind of amnesia, ‘amnesia of intention’. It’s a kind of forgetfulness, but extremely complete. While she and I were talking, I had an ‘ah-ha!’ moment because it was the first time I’d heard someone describe the experience. While [...]

Sneak Peek! Workbook Excerpt: Humbly Seeing 3 Sides to The Story

This exercise is from my workbook-in-progress, The Kind Self-Healing Workbook: Tools for Raising Yourself with Compassion & Curiosity!   Humbly Seeing 3 Sides to The Story I believe humility is a deep strength. It requires (and tests) our comfort level with believing in our worth while regarding that same worth as equal to all things. I [...]

The Answer Resides In Your Gut, Not Your Brainy-Brain

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How often do you over-think things? Making an exit? Opportunities? Big decisions?  Small decisions?  Or just…buying a simple chocolate-chip cookie? Here’s how it goes down:  A thought comes – “Mmm, oh, it would be nice to eat a cookie. A warm, chocolate-chip cookie.” Simple.  Unless you put a “simple” thought like that through the mind of an [...]

Before You Can Build Trust in Yourself through Self-Control (and Stop Self-Sabotage)…Ya Gotta Let Go!

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I just can’t keep myself from writing about self-control again.  Must be a lack of… Last post, I wrote about how another person’s self-control makes them seem more trustworthy to us (based on the results of a recent study). And vice-versa:  they also found that when others’ self-control was erratic, people had trouble trusting them. [...]

GWNI’s New Look! Now Where’s….Everything?

If you’ve been reading GWNI during the past few years, you might be wondering, “Where is everything?!” My five years of content is all here, it’s just now very. neatly. organized. What’s inside? Well, I’ve organized the content in a way that reflects the surviving-healing-thriving journey: The THRIVING section is about living from a place [...]