The Difference Between Being Angry and Feeling Angry

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 8.54.46 AMThe Good Men Project just published my article on anger – read it here, “Speaking of Anger:  The Difference Between Being Angry and Feeling Angry


Oh, how some men do anger—with flair, full throttle, and theatrically. There are men who even do it in cars. Some especially do it in cars. An automobile can punctuate anger: A sharp right turn says I mean business, engine revving at a red light means this is only over when I say so, and yanking the car to the side of the road while yelling “Get the fu*k out of the car!” means tonight, I am god.

The automobile is to anger what the stage is to Shakespearian Theater! Consider the acoustics—how easily anger is amplified inside a 4-door Accord with the windows up. It’s not polite to leave during a theatrical performance and it’s not safe to jump from a moving vehicle.

You’ve got the audience right where you want them, in their seats. Still, when people, objects, or life fail to behave as you want them to, is anger the show you’re still putting on? You know this:

  • People won’t do what you want,
  • Objects will fail you,
  • Life will throw curve balls.

Those are givens. Why put on the anger show, again?

It’s time to try a new script. Toss your tired Angry Guy lines aside, and practice the lines of the man who experiences a feeling called anger.

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Amy Eden is the author of The Kind Self-Healing Book: Raise Yourself Up with Curiosity and Compassion



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