What’s Kind Book Buy Friday?

unnamed-51Are we being selfish trouble-makers when we say “no”? Or, rather, are we truly and simply expressing ourselves? We may actually be saying, “I prefer this other thing, or this other thing delights me.” Listen to those you care about when they say “no” — what delights them? What are they saying? What’s another way that our ears can hear “no”?

Is The Kind Self-Healing Book for you? Well:

* Are you self-critical?
* Is it difficult for you to let go and just have fun?
* Do intimate relationships scare you?
* Would you rather control others than trust them?
* Do you question whether you have a right to your feelings?

See what you think – you can begin reading The Kind Self-Healing Book for free – the first chapter and actually do the first 3 activities.

Tomorrow is Kind Book Buy Friday

And, if after reading that free first chapter and activities, you like what you see, please join me in buying the book from amazon.com tomorrow on Kind Book Buy Friday. If we do this all together, we can have IMPACT and get amazon.com to notice my little book.

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Even me, I’m buying a copy of my book, too!


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