When Our Brothers and Sisters Grow Up Addicts: The Sibling Project

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We want to break the family inheritance chain: our parents were narcissists, alcoholics, or emotionally abusive and we want the problems connected to that to Stop. With. Us.  We live our lives alongside the mantra. ‘Not going to marry an addict’ or ‘Not going to become an addict.’

No one wants to repeat mistakes, particularly when we know what the fallout feels like. Some of us achieve that change and others of us struggle to shake free. What about our sisters and brothers, our siblings? What is it like when you grew up alongside your siblings sharing an alcoholic parent…and then one of your siblings grows up to be an alcoholic or addict?  The irony is an incredibly painful one. We might wish that we could be so repulsed by what growing up in an alcoholic family system does that becoming a slave to substances would be the last thing we’d ever do. In practice, in living life, it’s just not so simple.

The Interviews:  The Sibling Project

Dawn Clancy is working on a project that addresses the question of how do we think about and feel about our siblings’ addictions?

In this interview is with Nicole Spivey, whose older brother is addicted to heroin, she and Dawn talk about the reality of being a witness to heroin addiction.

In this interview with Ginny Atwood, she and Dawn discuss Ginny’s loss of her younger brother to a heroin overdose back in 2013.

It’s hard to listen to these two conversations and not notice how much we share with one another and how very complicated the web of addiction is. Please listen, and share these voices. You can follow the Project and listen to more at Dawn’s site, The Sibling ProjectExploring How The Lives Of Siblings Are Impacted By Addiction. 

About the Project -
The Sibling Project is a series of podcasts in which Dawn talks one-on-one with a group whose voice we rarely if ever get to hear, the siblings of addicts and alcoholics. Dawn’s hope is that this series will spark a new conversation that focuses on the countless number of siblings living alongside an addicted loved one.
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Dawn Clancy’s Growing Up Chaotic - 
If you don’t know about Dawn’s site and resources, be sure to find her on Facebook and explore her site (did I say resources?) right here: Growing Up Chaotic.
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