A Story of Surviving Chaos – Dawn Clancy on Growing up Chaotic

When you know what it’s like to grow up within chaos, you are someone who knows what it’s like to be in that that unique, highly-attuned, nerve-wracking environment. Blogger and chaos-survival activist Dawn Clancy, who writes the Growing Up Chaotic site and blog and Blog Talk Radio Show, describes such origins so very well. Her piece, No Matter Where I Go, Mom Is There is essential, required reading for anyone who wants to understand what it’s like to grow up after a childhood of chaos and what’s required to overcome, integrate, and bloom despite it.
Dawn’s essay, which she wrote about her mother and the chaos she outlived is simply outstanding. Her descriptions are so tender and well-carved. She has a gift for being able to articulate the sensations any of you who have survived chaos likely have also felt.
An excerpt:
“While she rambled, I picked apart every word and inspected every syllable that fell from her mouth. I was drunk hunting, listening for the slightest indication of intoxication, my finger resting on the “end call” button on my phone.”
-be kind to yourself

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