“Crafting Your Environment” sample page from The Kind Self-Healing Book

I’m sharing this sample activity from my book. It’s part of the last section, which focuses on ways to create a nurturing environment.

Sample activity page from The Kind Self-Healing Book.

Sample activity page from The Kind Self-Healing Book.

And these are the book’s 5 promises:

Working through the book will itself be an act of healing and The Kind Self-Healing Book offers help with:

• Learn the process of cultivating self-esteem so that is more of a guiding constant in your life, much less hit or miss.
• Discomfort felt when advocating for yourself will become less scary and will no longer keep you from doing so.
• The purpose that drives your actions will shift to your desires and needs away from anxiety and what you think others want of you.
• You’ll learn how to remain centered and calm in the face of criticism (or perceived criticism) and more comfortable expressing your true self.
• You’ll become more comfortable in intimate relationships and won’t be distracted by a desire to control situations because you’ll have moved from living in your anxious head to living in the present moment.

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– be kind to yourself


  1. Jane Eichner says:

    The Five Promises…yes, please! (I am looking forward to buying your book)

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