My Interview with Empowering Solutions about the book project for The Kind Self-Healing Book

I got the opportunity to talk about my book this morning with Susan Smith on Blog Talk Radio. So cool. We just wrapped up a 30-minute interview on her show Empowering Solutions! We discussed my book project, The Kind Self-Healing Book, and the IndieGoGo campaign for it.

You can watch my project video about the book as well as support it here: IndieGoGo campaign for The Kind Self-Healing Book.

You can listen to this morning’s show here.

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In the show, we talk about:
* Who the book is for
* The perks of donating (free copy of the book! life coaching! and more!)
* What’s inside the book
* How to add to The Big List of Feelings

Here’s a page from the raw manuscript -

photo 1

Please spread the word about this project so that I can make this a real book. Here’s a short link you can cut and paste, Tweet, and share with friends:

Every share helps. Every donation helps.

And these are the book’s 5 promises: 

Working through the book will itself be an act of healing and The Kind Self-Healing Book offers help with:

• Learn the process of cultivating self-esteem so that is more of a guiding constant in your life, much less hit or miss.
• Discomfort felt when advocating for yourself will become less scary and will no longer keep you from doing so.
• The purpose that drives your actions will shift to your desires and needs away from anxiety and what you think others want of you.  
• You’ll learn how to remain centered and calm in the face of criticism (or perceived criticism) and more comfortable expressing your true self.
• You’ll become more comfortable in intimate relationships and won’t be distracted by a desire to control situations because you’ll have moved from living in your anxious head to living in the present moment.  

Here’s another raw & unedited page – one of the activities!

photo 2

I mention a comfy couch at the end of the interview, and here’s what I was referring to – The Comfy Couch.

Get updates about the progress of the campaign and the book on the Facebook page for The Kind Self-Healing Book. (Like, “like” it!)


– be kind to yourself

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