Ready for Real Change? Amy Eden’s Life Coaching Services

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be taking on coaching clients! As someone who has joyfully dedicated many years to helping others help themselves, this is truly an exciting extension of my helping work!

Who, me?
As you may be aware, adult child issues play out everywhere in your life — at home, at work, and in your relationships. While many life coaches can provide you with scheduled support and helpful accountability, there’s something unique about working with someone who really gets where you come from and the roots of your struggles.

Here’s what a past coachee had to say about working with me:

I hired Amy as my life coach. Not only do I have more than 17 years of sobriety, but I have attended a few of the best AA meetings in the U.S. and Europe! As a R.N., I specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry at a leading hospital on the West coast. Even with all of my combined experiences—including countless years of therapy—it’s refreshing to work with Amy Eden, who shares her gifted (and accurate!) insights into the human condition. Her wisdom, knowledge, and solutions as a life coach are supportive, motivating, and invaluable. Her blog is one thing—I’m very familiar with the content of her knowledge. But talking to her live is another experience. In our phone calls she communicates her observations in a personal way with an eloquence I haven’t experienced until now. –Carol, Registered Nurse

Why Me:
If you’re a longtime reader of GWNI, you know that I’ve been writing about the challenges of adult life after a childhood with alcoholic parents, emotional trauma and rigidity since 2005. To get a good feel for my work, you can read what I’ve written about The Characteristics & Common Traits of People Who Grew Up in Alcoholic Homes as well as one of my most popular posts, about the expression ‘they did the best they could.’ You can listen to me on the Sunday Solutions radio show on Blog Talk Radio. And, finally, you can watch my videos:  one is about How to End Conversations (video) and also my HuffPost Live appearance, discussing the concept “Almost” alcoholic.

What Can I Expect from Life Coaching?
My guess is that as soon as you began reading this, the very “thing” that you’re struggling with and could use the help of a coach with, came right to mind. But, if not, think about something you’ve been struggling to change about your life — and consider whether it’s something you’re ready to turn-around. It’s important to choose a goal that’s achievable. The best results come from establishing a new routine or new practice that will lead to a chain-reaction of other good habits. Some examples are:  writing in the mornings, exercising, eating better, creating new beneficial friendships, or launching a new job campaign. Once you have something in mind, the key is to then be open to change–open to really, really good change.

Some sample goals:

My goal is to change careers
My goal is to start my own business
My goal is to write a novel
My goal is to make my lifestyle healthier
My goal is to improve my friendships
My goal is to make more money
My goal is to start a romantic relationship
My goal is to make a fresh start somewhere new
My goal is to improve communication with my daughter

What Life Coaching Is (and Is Not)
Taking part in the coaching process means allowing inspiration to ride up in the front seat.  Taking part in coaching means cultivating and becoming friends with your own inner power.

When you hire a life coach, you are hiring a Champion, a champion of your goals.  A good life coach will help you clarify your goals, put forward important questions that you may not have taken the time yet to ask yourself, and provides the structure that supports your wish to make real changes in your life.

When you hire a life coach, you are not hiring a therapist; therapy is what psychologist and therapists do, not life coaches.  Life coaches coach, cheer, support and keep you focused and on-track.  When you hire a life coach, you hire a personal cheerleader and mentor to support your intentions.  A life coach assists you in setting into motion a commitment to positive change that’s achievable and that’s also measurable. But, a life coach is not a parent; you are responsible for acting on the plan we create for you, and you are responsible to yourself for Showing Up.  While some of this work happens in the magic created by simply making a decision to change, there’s still leg-work to be done (by you!)

Let’s say that you’ve been struggling to Carve Out Time for Yourself.  This is great material for life coaching.  The goal is achievable (we’ll identify how you can carve out time for yourself and troubleshoot everything in the way) and it’s measurable, too (you’ll be able to count the hours you actually carve out). Plus, you’ll feel great and empowered — which is technically immeasurable, yet an absolutely beautiful result.

Through the coaching experience, you’ll learn what works to put your goals into action, so that you can replicate the activities for yourself.

My Coaching Rates

*Introductory Rates*

Single session $100 – Includes:
One-hour one-on-one coaching appointment (by phone, in-person or Skype video)

4 Session package $320 – Includes:
Free 15-minute exploratory conversation
One hour of one-on-one coaching (by phone, in-person or Skype video)
Unlimited email support between calls
Notes from each conversation emailed to you
Goals tracking
Sessions are valid for a six month period

7 Session package $500 – Includes:
Free 15-minute exploratory conversation
One hour of one-on-one coaching (by phone, in-person or Skype video)
Unlimited email support between calls
Notes from each conversation emailed to you
Goals tracking
Sessions are valid for a six month period

When & Where?
I recommend scheduling one hour per week for coaching. If you have the ability to schedule two sessions the first week, in order to kick-start change, then great.  I also recommend choosing a time of day for coaching that precedes free time in your day, so that you can immediately act on your goals and inspiration.

Please email me at to discuss scheduling – the time and date(s) for coaching.  The coaching appointment takes place via telephone, or Skype video, or can be in-person if you happen to live north of San Francisco.

Register HERE!
Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a note about my vow to confidentiality and my coaching ethics.  I’ll then also confirm the time and date of your first coaching appointment.  If you like, you can prepare for the conversation by writing down your coaching goal, as well as a few roadblocks you’re experiencing to that goal.

Single Coaching Session

Feel free to contact me by email at with questions.
-Be kind to yourself.


  1. Jesica Davis says:

    This is great news, Amy. For you and all your future clients. I look forward to hearing about this leg of your own journey and how coaching others continues to inform your own education. I know it certainly informs my own. Cheers, Jesica

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