Listen in! Today’s radio show: “Trouble Asking for What You Want?”

Sunday October 21st – This morning on our Blog Talk Radio show, Susan and I talked about the guilt feelings that can come up when asking for our needs to be met. We discuss what’s behind that and why it’s such a challenging passage to navigate.

This show is part of our series of thirteen shows on empowering solutions for overcoming the trauma and drama characteristics that come with a dysfunctional childhood.

Blog Talk Radio Show – Asking for What You Want (Despite Guilt Feelings) -
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  1. Jane Eichner says:

    Good talk today. I’m working on asserting myself more–especially with women (my dad was the kind one, my mother the critical one). I have extreme feelings of guilt if I try to put my needs before theirs…but I like your idea of baby-steps. “Waitress, I would like less ice in my ice tea today…thank you very much.” ;)

  2. Amy Eden says:

    Ooohh, yes, it’s those non-threatening baby step situations that are a great place to start.
    There are endless opportunities every day on that front. “Could you move your car forward, it’s blocking my driveway?”
    “Actually, I’d asked for a mocha, not vanilla latte…”
    “Sure! You can make me a new drink, thanks.”
    And at the grocery store, “Paper, not plastic.” Or, even, “Here, use my canvas shopping tote, please.”
    The important, secondary aspect of these kinds of communications comes into play when we experience the response of the other person. It’s then we learn that when we ask, nobody yells at us or shames us. It’s OK. There’s healing and emotional learning in that interaction when we physically internalize asking that is met with simple reciprocation….free of drama and shame.
    Thanks Jane

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