“Bulletproof HOLIDAY Boundaries” November Workshop!

It’s nearly the season…the season that brims with expectations. Pass that cranberry sauce and pour some guilt gravy on your meal, the holidays are a-comin’.

Are you looking forward to the holidays? Have a plan? Tickets for a flight out of the country? Or are you filled with dread?

What if…it were different?

Take Control!

Imagination, preparation and permission. These are three key ingredients to joy during the holidays — and the three areas of focus for this workshop.

At the workshop you can…

*Learn tools for reconnecting with your inner holiday joy

*Discover easy, memorable tricks for dealing with child-like adults

*Build your own Best Holiday Ever Blueprint during the workshop

Imagine the types of holiday activities that are enjoyable for you, free of the expectations of others. Learn from the traditions of others, come up with new creative ideas, and tease out what are, for you, the most important holiday experiences you’re craving to have!

Other than freeze, go numb and agree to the plans others have for you, do you have a joy plan for the oncoming months of holidays? Prepare for what you’ll do, what’s most important to you, make an actual plan, and begin to look forward to it!

What better way to hatch a brilliant plan than with a small group of people who also want to change-up their approach to the oncoming holidays? Give yourself permission to take back the holidays and enjoy yourself!

Price & Workshop Dates

PMC Event:  Saturday November 3rd, 10 a.m – 1 p.m. $10
Location:  WORK in downtown Petaluma, CA

"Bulletproof Holiday Boundaries"

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