Listen In! Our Interactions with Authority Figures, Real & Perceived

Ah, Sundays.

The audio for yesterday’s Blog Talk Radio chat is live now (player below). ┬áThank you, Susan, for having me on your show and for the always revelatory exchanges!

The show is 30 mins. Post comments below. On July 29th, Susan and I will be doing it again.

Listen to internet radio with Susanks on Blog Talk Radio

Susan is an inspiration for anyone taking back their mental health care from overly-prescriptive medical institutions into their own hands. She can be found at Empowering Solutions Facebook page.

Be kind to yourself.

Amy Eden


  1. [...] you listened to the Sunday radio show Susan and I did (you can hear the archive of the show here), you heard us talk about authority figure issues, and how “authority figures” shift [...]

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