Live @ 7 a.m. Pacific / 10 a.m. Eastern: Blog Talk Radio this Morning!

I’ll be on Blog Talk Radio this morning at 7a.m. Pacific / 10 a.m. Eastern.

Again! Invited back, can you believe it? Susan of Empowering Solutions asked me to join her radio show again this morning, to talk about “what’s dysfunctional?” when we examine our childhoods/families.
Feel free to listen live. During the show you can message questions to us or even call in – link below.

Now, off to Peet’s Coffee…

Listen-in to the Sunday morning Blog Talk Radio Show!

Hope to “see” you there!


  1. Jane Eichner says:

    Good talk (as usual)! The crux of the matter-as you and Susan pointed out-is how to actually heal. Not just acknowledging where the pain came from…not just commiserating with fellow-sufferers…but actually becoming well (and, dare I say it, HAPPY). But that’s the $64,000 question: How can we all be well/happy? Haven’t we all suffered quite enough, thank you very much? Seems profoundly unjust that we have to do all this work for crimes we didn’t commit. :/ …Thanks for letting me vent a little.

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