Listen in! I was a guest on Blog Talk Radio @ 9 am Pacific/11 Central/12 Eastern 4/15/12

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  1. Carl says:

    Great to hear you Amy and Susanks talk from experience and the realizing satisfaction by working at re-parenting ourselves. I think GWNI and this mornings’ Empowering Solutions is very different from a “canned” Dr. Phil program where this emphasis is on a 2nd chance, last chance kind of model.
    You and I and Susanks outlook, I believe is, taking each day’s new challenges and being thankful for the lessons and healings integrations of that day. Therapists are wonderful and safe, but as mine told me, most all the credit goes to me for staying in the recovery-healing process. I always have appreciated the quote ascribed to Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” I see every day as a daring adventure.
    Thank you very much for providing this space for us on GWNI.
    Kudos to you

    • Susan says:

      Carl…thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on todays program…I so understand your comment and appreciate that you took the time to share your comment with us!


    • Amy Eden says:

      Better than Dr. Phil, whooeee! Thanks, Carl! Sometimes…it works. I feel like Susan and I work together well and I hope we’ll have, and share, more conversations like this.

      • Susan says:

        Agreed Amy! I am so comfortable working with you and so appreciate that we share such similar passion!

        And oh man yes! Carl…I really appreciate your comment about ES being helpful that way! To be mentioned in the same sentence with Dr P is way cool! Thanks much for that kudos!!

  2. Michele says:

    Hi Amy,

    Wow…you always articulate what I can’t seem to put into words but is exactly what I am feeling and experiencing. Everything in that interview was spot on….I have tried therapy but your 30mins gave me more insight’s and a compassion for myself I’ve honestly never had or thought I could have…because I always thought there was something wrong with me.

    Thankyou and keep doing what your doing!


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