Watch: GWNI Video! ‘Guess How to End Conversations’

If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by a conversation that you didn’t want to have and didn’t know how to end, not without suffering feelings of guilt and possibly abandonment, then watch this 10-minute video. The video contains a just-bumped-into-you conversation as well as my discussion with Tim G about the minefield that is conversations.

[ Watch video above, or use this link! ----> ] ‘Guess How to End Conversations’ by Amy Eden for GWNI with Tim G. from amy eden on Vimeo.

(c) 2012

You can read about some practical tips in this post I wrote about strategies for ending conversations and visits.

In the collection Dreamtigers, by Jorge Manuel Borges there exists this beautiful sentiment about goodbyes (the poem is much longer, and titled “Delia Elena San Marco”).

For if souls do not die, it is right that we should not make much of saying goodbye.

To say goodbye to each other is to deny separation.  It is like saying, “Today we play at separating, but we will see each other tomorrow.”  Man invented farwells because he somehow knows he is immortal, even though he may seem gratuitous and ephemeral.

–Jorge Luis Borges

Bye (for now).


  1. Michelle says:

    Hey, wow, this is awesome! Great info and well done. Thanks.

    • Amy Eden says:

      Thanks! I had no idea quite the size of project I’d signed myself up for when doing this video. But, you know, I stuck with it with the stubborn commitment of an adult child!

      So glad you liked it!

  2. Judy Pokras says:

    Congratulations, Amy! This will help so many people!
    I look forward to more of your videos.

    • Amy Eden says:

      Thanks so much, Judy. Video is an entirely new medium for me and I can’t believe how exciting it is. The ACoA in me loves having so much control over a production!
      Peace -

  3. fenella says:

    This is SO FUNNY….. and part of why its so funny is that it’s so RIGHT!!!… great to watch and much needed …
    love fen

  4. Molly says:

    Hey, GREAT work. I hope you do more.

  5. Jane Eichner says:

    So what if the friend is in your home, and they won’t stop talking about THEIR problems, and you don’t want to be rude, and they won’t take a hint, so you just keep listening, and listening, and listening, and…well, you get the idea…

    • Amy Eden says:

      Jane, that’s extra-stressful, and relies a whole lot more on non-verbal communication.
      The challenging part is to keep moving in one direction and not back-track — so, standing and not sitting back down, then picking things up, then putting on your pajamas, doing dishes, etc. and never, ever sitting down and talking again.

      If you missed the post that I linked to above – definitely check it out, because I wrote about in-house guests and conversations that won’t end. Hope it presents some doable strategies for ya!

  6. Noel says:

    Hey! This video is super! So glad to see you following up the previous one with more awesomeness. I think this is a really nice format, this sort of thing where you have a kind of theme and maybe a rough script, but you and your buddy are mostly just talking it through. Very natural and easy to relate to. Even beyond the usefulness of the suggestions/techniques that you talk about, it’s great just to take this particular issue and put it under the microscope, spending time thinking about some aspects of what’s going on in daily interactions that might be hard to put into words, or even to bring fully to consciousness. It’s what you do so well in your blog posts, and here it is in “live action”! More, more!

    • Amy Eden says:

      Noel thank you so much! It’s a real lift to read your note, thank you. You know, I thought about doing video a while ago, maybe a year back, and people I knew who were much more technically expert than me warned me against it – that I had to have all kinds of pricey equipment to ‘do it right,’ and that it required a lot of disk space and fancy computers, and that lighting as well as audio were discrete arts unto themselves, and that there’s no money in video, etc. and on and on and on. And I was freaked out. I respect their opinions. But, you know, fuck that. And, here goes!
      Thanks for the positive feedback, it’s really great. :-) amy

  7. [...] Solutions radio show on Blog Talk Radio. And, finally, you can watch my videos:  one is about How to End Conversations (video) and also my HuffPost Live appearance, discussing the concept “Almost” [...]

  8. [...] Solutions radio show on Blog Talk Radio. And, finally, you can watch my videos:  one is about How to End Conversations (video) and also my HuffPost Live appearance, discussing the concept “Almost” [...]

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