Thank YOU for the new-and-improved Guess What Normal Is! (Coming Soon!)

I want to say Thank You to readers who have donated to Guess What Normal Is this past year.  I have been able to put your donations to good use.  I will be unveiling the new-and-improved GWNI site…very, very soon! 

Feel free to get a jump on things and subscribe to the GWNI e-mailing list.  (Yep, that's new, too!)

Thanks to all of you, dear readers, I have been able to hire Nicole Bateman of The Pixel Boutique to re-envision and re-organize the GWNI blog, and also to make it pretty.  With the seven years of posting I've done…I've generated a lot of content (seven years of GWNI content!); my task was to re-create this blog in a way that made all the content easy to find and easy to navigate for all of its readers. 


Rose A!
Carmela D!
Carol C!

Andrew M!
Jennifer G!
Laura W!
Brett H!
Carl S!
Hema S!
Jennifer P!
Vivienne R!
Nicholas J!
Smari A!
William B!
Rebecca H!
Lesli M!
Roy K!
Nichole M!



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