The Kind Self-Healing Book


The Kind Self-Healing Book
Raise Yourself Up with Curiosity and Compassion

by Amy Eden

*Releases May 2015*


(Click on image to see full front and back cover.)

If you grew up within a chaotic family environment caused by chronic inconsistency, stress, and emotional or physical abandonment or abuse — whether due to addictions, political unrest, war, or a parent’s mental health issues — The Kind Self-Healing Book is for you. If you are prone to anxiety, depression, self-doubt, people-pleasing, or decision-making influenced by fear, or if you want to free yourself of the coping behaviors that worked in a disordered childhood but don’t serve you in adulthood, The Kind Self-Healing Book is for you.  (From the back cover.)

Find The Kind Self-Healing Book on Facebook, here. And if you’re curious how the book was funded, you can learn about the IndieGoGo campaign for it right here.

To pre-order The Kind Self-Healing Book ($22) you can do so right here via PayPal or feel free to send a check to Amy Eden at 885 Olive Street, Petaluma, California 94952. Thank you!

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Pre-ordering means that the moment the book releases that I will ship you a copy immediately. The book is scheduled to release in mid-April. As we get closer to April, I will *drum roll* be able to announce the actual day.

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Feel free to contact me by email at with questions.
-Be kind to yourself.




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